Why Businesses Are Going Crazy over Pinterest

A lot of people start using Pinterest as a tool for collecting and organizing things they are passionate about and interested in. But once you discover its great potential for branding and marketing their products, they waste no time using it to promote their business. To see just how this happens, take a close look at how one of the world’s leading companies made it big and how Pinterest contributed to its success.


Allrecipes, as the world’s leading digital food brand, makes sure it reaches its global community of 30 million aspiring cooks to encourage and help them share food experiences. Among the company’s goals are expanding the Allrecipes community, providing easy to find cooking videos and recipes and generating high traffic for the Allrecipes website. So far, the company has been successful in doing all three.

According to Esmee Williams, VP of Brand Marketing, they are consistently able to curate content that are relevant and timely enough to stir up dialogue among their existing community as well as their new audiences. By using Pinterest, email marketing, and allrecipes.com, the company has been able to provide a seamless learning experience for their viewers. They never fail to update their content every single week to make sure they remain timely and relevant.

Using the Pin It Button to Drive Traffic

Just before the advent of the holiday rush, Allrecipes made sure they were the first stop for people wanting to plan their holiday party meals. So they added the Pin It button on each page of their recipes when they saw the big surge of referral traffic from individuals on Pinterest. A new page template was also designed where the Pin It button can easily be found adjacent to the recipe’s images and videos — something the community members loved because it made it easy for them to share recipes. In 3 months time, they were able to reap amazing results: over 50,000 recipes pinned, creating 139 million impressions on Pinterest, and an increase of over 900% in clicks on the content of Allrecipes on Pinterest.

By adding the Pin It button, they were able to get their content onto Pinterest, making it easier for them to get back new traffic. Since its addition to their website, they’ve seen a tremendous increase in the volume of videos and recipes shared on a daily basis. In turn, this boosted their referrals from social media. The point is, the easier their content was to be discovered by viewers, the faster their community grows.

Drive Pins Using Email Marketing

It didn’t take long for Allrecipes to realize that their community members were eager to share new found food inspiration. This pushed the company to find an easier sharing process. Part of the effort was sending marketing Pinterest emails to over 6 million subscribers on a monthly basis. These featured photos from the most famous pins and included persuasive calls to action such as “Give it a repin” or “Follow Allrecipes on Pinterest”. Incorporating these in their email campaigns definitely had a huge impact on their customer’s engagement.

If Allrecipes was able to achieve this for their business, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same for yours. You just need to focus, do some research, and find ways to keep your content fresh, timely, and engaging for your target audience. The more they like what they see, the more they will spread the word on how great your products and services are. Good luck!


Author Bio:

Yvonne Hart is a tech blogger from Australia. Her knowledge about consumer technology is backed up by 8 years working as a marketing professional in an I.T. distribution company. She now works as a consultant for a company that compare mobile broadband services.

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Duck Duck Go—Is This a Search Engine to Watch Out For?

Duck Duck Go—Is This a Search Engine to Watch Out For?

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking this is just some silly search engine with very little merit.

A lot of people hadn’t heard of DuckDuckGo until recently, including myself. When I found this post a few months ago, I was intrigued. It prompted me to do some in-depth research.

Here are some of the things that I’ve learned…


SnapShot duckduckgo

Its appearance is simple, straightforward, and pretty much close to what other search engines offera brand logo, a search box, and a blank white background. The results page is also non-intrusive and minimalistic. Unlike Google, it does not show snippets and preview tabs for each result. Instead, it offers just a page title, a meta description, and the complete weblink for that page.

You’ll also notice that Duck features something akin to Google’s Knowledge Graph. You’ll find this at the topmost portion of the page (contrary to the latter’s top right position), making it more noticeable to browsers.

One major difference it has from other search engines is its “unlimitedness”. As you keep scrolling down, you will see more links instead of page buttons. However, it still has a hierarchical structure, with the topmost result being the most relevant, obviously.

You may find that it is quite similar to Yahoo Axis in terms of unlimited results, except for the fact that Axis is egalitarian.


Nothing is ever truly forgotten, erased, or private online.

Have you ever had a nightmare where you’re walking around in a public place and you suddenly realise that you’re naked? Well, you’re metaphorically living it every single time you open a browser.

Let me explain…

Emails, search history, personal info you use on e-commerce sites, social media activitiesall of these are your digital footprints and they can be used to create a profile that defines you.

So that means…

Nothing is really private online. That email you sent to your Mom a couple of weeks ago, that video you watched on YouTube a year ago, or even your query for “The Silmarillion”all of this data is stored, analysed, and sold to data brokers who represent advertisers, employers, insurance providers, credit score companies, and so on.

Scared yet? You should be!


Duck thwarts the very concept of “no more privacy”. Its proprietor Gabriel Weinberg campaigns that its babydoes not track users and does not show search results based on a browser’s previous queries.

In fact, the company’s slogan is “Google tracks you. We don’t.”, an ad that is effectively intriguing a lot of people. With Google’s increasing privacy challenge issues, a lot of searchers are finding this alternative a convenient one.

So now that the privacy angle has been covered, what’s next?


The most useful feature I found on Duck is its !Bangs. It allows you to search hundreds of other sites directly, a very convenient tool if you are particular with your query.

For example, if you type “!amazon The Silmarillion” into the search box, you’ll immediately be redirected to Amazon’s page for The Silmarillion. It’s really a revolutionised way of auto-searching, a solution that Duck has effectively presented.

Another simple tool that browsers can use is the Sort by date option. Use it for queries and the results will automatically pop out only the latest pages relevant to your search. For instance, if you type “!date Panda 24”, you will see results as updated as 23 January 2013, which is incredibly convenient if you’re looking for news or updates about a topic.


There is no argument that Google is still the king of search. But with the rapid growth of DuckDuckGo (over a million direct searches each day), plenty of online marketers, SEO practitioners, and Pay Per Click advertisers should definitely keep a close eye on this one.

I definitely will!

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2012’s Best Examples of Social Media Customer Service

Companies realize how effective social media is for customer services. Interacting with your audience via the relevant online channels isn’t just about promoting your products but about properly connecting with your target base, opening up a real dialogue and communicating on a human basis, rather than as a brand.
Social media customer service really took off last year with some great examples of companies going above and beyond the call of duty.

Zappos: Some companies go one step further, actively helping customers find a desired item outside of the brand’s own stock. In December this is exactly what the Zappos customer service team did for Jameson Brown when he couldn’t find a particular model of Converse sneakers.
The online retailer obviously knows how valuable genuine connections are with its customers and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh considers every interaction as an opportunity to reflect well on the brand rather than simply trying to make a sale. So when Zappos couldn’t provide the shoes themselves the customer services team searched elsewhere. Actively encouraging customers to shop with other brands sounds like commercial suicide but in the digital age it’s proving the opposite.
Understandably Jameson Brown couldn’t believe how incredibly helpful Zappos were, and fortunately for the brand he’s a highly respected social media expert and swiftly wrote a blog post singing their praises. Check it out on Social Media Today to see the Facebook comment thread and witness how the best sort of customer service is carried out.
This is why honest and open dialogue is so important with your target audience, because they will almost always take to the internet to voice their experience with your brand, whether it’s positive or negative is up to you.

Accor Hotels: The company that owns Novotel and Sofitel hotels launched their customer services campaign A Club Surprise to try and improve their guests’ stay. Accor wanted to learn more about their valued guests and so took to social media and connected with them via their open accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc to identify their guests’ hobbies, interests and passions.
Accor would then surprise the guest with a specially selected gift according to what they discovered via their social media presence. Magali Berville the director of Accor’s e-commerce in North America said that they wanted to “take guest recognition to the next level.”
So the guest who loves luxury sports cars was given a day certificate to drive a Lamborghini and Ferrari. And the guest who enjoys fishing was taken on an environmentally friendly fishing trip around the San Diego Bay.
It was a great campaign that not only utilized social media to make their elite guests feel truly appreciated but also, because of its effectiveness, it garnered plenty of online attention with blog posts and articles citing the strategy as a great example of customer services done brilliantly. All of which reflects well on the Accor brand and probably gained them some new guests, and no doubt retained their current members.

Bodyform: Bodyform showed how responses to negative feedback don’t always have to be accepting of it. When Richard Neill left a snarky comment on their Facebook wall in October it triggered thousands of further comments and soon went viral. Rather than bow and scrape Bodyform made an equally snarky but much more hilarious video reply.
The spoof apology recognized the complaint but didn’t acquiesce to it. This level of sarcasm is difficult to get right as it’s a very fine line but Rachael Lake, from Bodyform’s media agency Carat, stated, “Our carefully crafted response to the Facebook post is deliberately playful and uses video to present a humorous and spirited take on an often slightly taboo subject.”
The positive press that their smart and irreverent video garnered boosted Bodyform’s brand recognition and brilliantly demonstrated that customer services is about opening up a dialogue with consumers, a dialogue that can be playful and fun, which in turn makes the brand playful, fun and much more human – an important quality for companies to have these days.


This article was written by Barry Cooke. Barry is a social media expert who has been working in the industry for over 15 years in a number of different sectors from customer services and brand awareness to developing chat apps and improving customer relations for major international companies.

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DIY Blogging

DIY = Do it yourself.

Is it logical to think I can do blogging?


Is blogging as simple as writing a letter in microsoft word?

Very similar many keys have the same graphic.

If I make an error doing blogging how do I fix it?

Back it up and make changes.  Also having a hosting company that can help you out is often the easiest way.

Do all hosting companies give you blogs?

NO they are not all equal, only good ones do.

How much should I expect to spend on a hosting a blog?

Prices for normal hosting start at $5.00 per month.  The only other fee is if you want graphics, design work.

Is softalicious a good piece of software?

Yes, this is the software on hosting you should look for to install a blog.

Do you know how I can self install a wordpress blog?

Yes, I would think also YouTube has many videos with installation with softalicious.

Is there anything else I need to do a DIY blog?

You need hosting and a domain.  If your using word press or blogger they have many youtube videos on this subject, be specific.  For example go to youtube and write in “WordPress installation”, “what is softaculous?”  You will undoubtedly get going very fast.  Just be careful they do not try and sell something else to you.  You can get all plug ins to operate on a blog for free.  The only thing you should pay is for someones expertise on blogging.  That starts at around $25.00 per hour here.

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Review of Referral Key

Within a environment of learning the changes of the new social information we are infused with, we have had many referral products which ideally offer “relationship building memberships”.  In an ideal world, it will work.  So now it is time to really hone our skills and see what truly offers a good service.

However essentially what you need is to create contacts you actually know, not just any person.  I would even go so far as to get a little opinionated on this topic.  I feel quite strongly towards relationship building.

This generation of marketers online have produced products like Referral Key.  I have used Refferral key for at least 6 months.  What they offer is a basic  referral network.

The core of what they do is you join, you add your contacts which in itself is the key of how they are making money with it.  They get your contacts and your contacts go forth and do exactly the same thing.  Yes very viral.


Ok look above at what they say they “offer”.


1) Recieve leads from other pros

2)Get endorsed and boost your reputation

3)Build Valuable relationships via live networking.

Firstly super smart on their part, the opt in, the “FREE” offer is down pat.  They have that mastered.  Getting live leads, if your business is B2B yes that will work.  Getting endorsed, well it has happened a little however the system was not set up to get recommendations unless someone actually found a way to your profile.  Which in itself produced another problem that was not clearly marked on how to get there.  Yes I found my way, however it was not logical in my mind.  Another point is I am computer literate, for someone new here not sure they would go a week with it.  Getting endorsed should of had a connection also to what they where endorsing you on.  So it should of really related to something on your profile.  Which brings another query up, why did the profiles not put you in a place of promotion?  Why did it not showcase your skills?  If someone was endorsing or boosting a reputation, I would assume that you would get more work.  So I come to their number 3 boast.  Valuable relationships, wait on, did we not already add people we knew?  So in fact we had that relationship, they offered our relationship as a referral so in effect changing how we did things.  Sure that could work.  Why did it not?

I think what has happened is they are offering more a communication area.  So if they were not offering a way to communicate, (except commenting system) they would have had to offer communication tools connection settings also.  So you have to be smart enough to put up your page, use the contact us page.  Hence an issue of not enough space for this.

In an ideal world, we would of made relationships, endorsed each other and supported the growth of each others business.  The fact is now they have plenty of my contacts, they have built their list bigger and I have still nothing but a waste of time used.  Actually today I left.  It was a sad day.

I am still thinking Linkedin has it beat on their recommendation model and professional profiling, so really what drew me there?  I guess it was the ugly free mentality thought.  So now I am left with that empty feeling.  An unsatisifed experience.  Would I recommend?  As a concept of communication and referral yes I would.  As that as the service to do it, no I would not.

I have only got lost time from this service and feel so much better with my experiences with other referral venues.  I wish I could say it was great, but really in my opinion it left me wanting more.  I am sure they could make the improvements, however 6 months is way to long to be there with limited value.

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Top 5 Screen Capture Softwares

This event was called for.  At the time of thinking up this Screen Capture softwares I had

a list of what this had to achieve.  So their were rules for them to be able to enter my list.


Rule One – Must be a download to try at least

Rule Two – Must be accessible to anyone

Rule Three – Must record the screen as I go, not still frames.  (hundreds of still frame ones I can tell you that for sure)

Rule Four – Must run on pc, not mac (I have a pc and cannot afford a mac, so this is my addition).

Well it no particular order.  The first Contender here we go.


TechSmith have created this version for a real task master solution.  You can record from a screen, a screen with a head shot of you on camera from a webcamera, you can import-export other items including photos.  I have used the free version, my only thing I have done wrong with this was make the video in the wrong setting and being unable to change it.

Ease of use: 7/10

Reason: The camtasia requires a big learning curve.

Trial: Yes

Cost $299.00



This is Camtasia’s answer to freeware, they in turn have sourced a shorter version and limited version and will only do short time spans.  Great solution, works well on personal computer.  I found it truly annoying though.  The clickable thing it loads on your screen never goes away unless you exit every time you use your pc.  Then you hunt when you need it.  For me it would of been better on my bottom right, because it was at the top in the middle you would click in accidently and just does not make for a clear working environment, for that reason I rate it as I do.

Ease of use: 5

Reason: It loads on your screen in middle top, if you have tabs open becomes fustration.

Trial: yes

Cost: FREE


Cam Studio

Found some great reviews of this little one.  Loads codec as you load everything else (no loading later like camtasia) so that was a pleasure.  Easy to install, easy to load, easy to use.  Has a little control box, it only does the recording of your screen it will not import anything else.  It is based on donations.  Freeware was my impression but found no documentation to support that view.

Ease of use: 7

Reason: It will not bring in anything much like Jing, however for recording your screen a great tool.  I think it is worth paying for however you can get it free and donate.

Trial: yes

Cost: FREE


Wisdom Soft has a few options.  However,

Auto Screen Recorder

It has both versions, I am reserved on this product.  It did have a download, it said I could download and try it basically however I was disappointed.  I had to buy it to use it.  However I have to say, out of paid resources for capturing and creating this seems to have a good value range and nothing seems over $50.00.  Notice the graphic above, it has  5 items that do it in different ways.  Motion Studio was more for slide shows, however many do want that for slide shows and being able to record a voice.  Look at the price and try it and know it for yourself.  I am happy to undate this at a later time if the company lets me try out the software. :)

Cost: $49.95

Screen hunter

Cost: $29.95


Now for me, I am probably going to have a mix between my free old version of camtasias with cam studio, I need a free one for now.  However if I want the best, I will use Camtasia.  Camtasia does all the work of every item then also allows an import of many other types of media which not all here do let us do that.

In conclusion, you get what you pay for, however if you only need it once off I hope you find my reviews of my top 5 a helpful resource.  Any other tools you suggest I will add later.

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The Private Search Engine

Upon reading this today, maybe you would be aware I have always stood up for the underdog.  Well a pet peeve started a few weeks ago to manifest itself.  That is in the way of privacy.

Search engines sell your information, they give the demographics of isp’s demographics, maps, details, searches, if you do not believe me then start searching.

Many are very aware of this Privacy issue, I would say that also this search engine does.    The engine is called DuckDuckGo and totally private search engine.

These are some parts offered to be private:


Google, yahoo, msn, they all collect your data.  Privacy, well do they share your email?  Only with the highest payer.


My friends this means they do to convertly change your results because someone has paid it to.  Clever eh, it is called lifes most honest search engine.


No sharing unless a court order.  That is pretty impressive DuckDuckgo has impressed me highly.  I have to say a big thankyou to Bruce the person that put me onto this search engine.

So going to use it today.

My search is, Advertising .

Duck Duck Go Screen

Google Screen

Actually make sure your not signed into G+ when you do it.  You go and see the difference for yourself.  It explains everything.

I am pleased I found duck duck go, maybe it will be my adventurous fun search engine for life.

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How powerful is your influence?

What type of person are you?

Do you have friends that listen or laugh at you?

My travels today took me to look deeper into Klout, Klout is something I have heard conversations being built on and really I thought if this was a great measurement tool for business?  Is it a social thing?  So to dig deeper you use it.

So ideally I had to look at what and how they rate your influence.

The TOS are helpful and they spell it out.

Here are a few of the actions we use to measure influence:

  • Twitter: Retweets and Mentions
  • Facebook: Comments, Wall-Posts, Likes
  • LinkedIn: Comments, Likes
  • Foursquare: Tips, To-Do’s, Done
  • Google+: Comments, Reshares, +1

In the system it says a persons average score is around 25, so my bet is anything over 25 is more than average.

It it good to know they have not stopped at this list above but as written on site:

Other networks that we’re working to measure are Facebook PagesYoutubeInstagram,TumblrBloggerWordPressLast.fm and Flickr.

Essentially we have understood changes in algorithms.  If you are anywhere near marketing online there have been changes that are coming fast and thick.  So anything that measures needs to keep up.

So what is influence and are you an influence?

Helping someone else make an action, you being the instigator.  Klout trys to understand what your strengths are in your networks, all big and small interactions count.  If not everyone can see but the action of a person is because of you this increases your score.  It is creating a sharing and viral environment.  They are using data trends and aspects we do not see.

What really impressed me is if you help someone else, that is a good influence.  So if I was to encourage someone new, they would see that I am being supportive and say, Lisa has influenced this person that is a good influence.  It is encouraging a healthy interaction, that is what marketing is now so this is truly embracing our new media concepts.

What is under speculation is are the influence factors being calculated to an accepted standard, who gave them the right to set the bar!  Also under speculation is a users privacy.  I was glad to get some concrete details.  Hopefully one day I can actually interview one of this innovative team.

Klout answers simply, you are in control of your topics.  So choose well Klout gives you the ability to be an influencer but if you choose wrong, you will have a lower klout score.  It is about yourself sharing this type of content and your peers recognising this value by sharing and talking about it.  (We notice even Facebook now shows insights and google shows ripples).

Privacy by Network

So that was privacy answered, good answer Klout.  They go on to emphasise no private data is transmitted, no private arrears in accounts are accessed.  I feel updated and now I think it is a good thing.  When will it come to the point of social media people being hired that have a high klout score?  Is that going to happen?  Interesting to watch.

We may just revisit Klout to see the growth factor with new networks like pinterest this year.  So if you want a sharing influential person, perhaps Klout will be your first stop.


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Saving Money Gadgets

Real world gadgets are the ones that really have meaning to our lives.  I can show you the flashest gadget but however if it has no practical use in your life, I may as well be sanding a stone.  So I love saving money and decided to start a crusade I could share with mums all over the globe.

Upon starting my research today I come across “top ten reviews” site on ways to save money online.  Not really what I wanted.

CLICK HERE Number one made me laugh as most people on computers are looking for instant information, we hate it if we cannot find it.  However the second one is “check different websites” which is exactly what we are going to do but with a spin on it.

WE are going to go to all major search engines for their money saving applications.

The Main Browsers I could think of where:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox



Msn  (Internet explorer)

There are others however they are not into many apps and quite frankly not widely used as the above ones.

So next step is to go to each browser, see if they have money saving apps and how far it goes.

Internet Explorer, has zero to its name to help consumers.

Mozilla FireFox has quite a few different ways.

1) Save money on Ebay

2)Monitor Ecurrency Exchanges

3)Best Prices, coupons, offers works on google, bing, yahoo, and search engines.  Interesting enough we now have a reference it works on Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer.

4)Save on hotels

5)Price Alerts gives you an alert on all prices with amazon and google, best buys, target etc… great for USA persons.

6)Coupon Digger is a way to find coupons all over, just to note  it is based in usa by the looks so mainly USA pricing.

7)Coupons helper which finds coupons from retailers.


Next Chrome

We expect quite a bit here as recently this has come up in discussion on our fan areas.  We can use normal google search which can be individual products like every search engine it gathers data differently.  However we go to extensions next to pull up its arsenal of tools.

So we write a list here. (note, please write in names shown here on extensions for chrome, no link).

  • Save money on eBay via Hottypo.com this is just on this venue.
  • Dealster  this is your local tool
  • Then Neighbor Goods, great idea your local neighbours sharing with you.
  • Make Money its the chrome extension with ideas on what do make money with. I am definitely going to search this one out.  Looks interesting.
  • ShopGlider  glide through looking over places.
  • Offers.com this is best prices offers all over Internet on items.  I really like the idea on this one.
  • What Is Cheaper?  Price comparison tool on Chrome is quite a good analysis tool if your not yet to buying mode, will compare products you have found.
  • The Coupon Finder as it says, finds coupons.
  • Yes bo.oly is there also so what you had on Mozilla again.

We have some shops that have their Mozilla apps which can go for ages.  Next we go to Msn, this points me to bing, which points me back to a Japanese site.  Very confusing.  Many people are offering click-able things on their website.  Amazon seems to be up with the play for online pricings.  However many of us are best to shop in our own country.  Freight can be enormous.

Yahoo being my next port of call showed me this as their main resource, wiki how.  Next they showed me all their paying clients so my interest went else where.

So I need did a software search and decided we have a few too look over at Download.com which offers many.  Another unique one is the shopping daisy.

Shopping Daisy goes on any website, it shows on the browser a price comparision.  It is connected to a penny auction site that has been trading for 14 years, so it seems quite reliable.

I was tempted to look over places like appstorm that recently wrote 21 Great sites to help save money however I decided to link drop and give you this as reading material.

For those of you that have not had an idea how to save online up until now here is a great read to get you started, I hope this article helps you big time to save money.


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Types of Blogging Platforms Available.

I was going to just review one product however listening to those around in this space, the people new to making this decision need more help.  To understand what a blog is, refer to Wikipedia resource for “Blog”.  If you want to see a variety of blogs in one place you could refer to this list by Blogs.com which shows you the vast variety.

Blogging is truly a big wide open world.  You can blog on any topic that you want, if you want to be seen as professional then you seek more professional looking platforms.  If your a company you will make sure you have full control.  If your a teenager just trying this out for the first time, it maybe that a free blog is the choice you will make.  Some will just had it over to someone like me for under $100.00 you get your very own one on a domain with plenty of features.  That is another story.

For this area, I am going to compare all blogging services.  This can be very confusing and upon writing this some others will put their hands up.

Note, I know that Facebook has notes but still do not consider it a blog.  Also I have made references in this article so you can see more than my opinion showing on this topic.  It is highly opinionated this topic.



What could be interesting is for you to realize some blogs are you are on in the Internet, maybe a website type blog. WordPress has blogs which look like they are just a link to the blog but are one in the same, normally paid wordpress modules.   They look gorgeous.

Interesting to Note Lifehacker did a top 5 Blogging services, their information was truly helpful as their readers found WordPress to be their absolute most voted service then come blogger. Important to note there are many ways as shown with wordpress, you can do wordpress on wordpress.com and get them to upgrade you. If your corporate or wishing to keep full control then your option would be the self hosted wordpress. This gives you many options.

If your the sort of person that does not like going with the crowd and finding something totally different, I would suggest you take a peek over at The Next Web showing some platforms not so popular.  They show 5 not so popular.

For me personally when I have a client wishing for total control over their online asset, I will always recommend WordPress.  I admit like the critic’s that their are vulnerabilities however, all platforms have some and lets face it.  Those people that hack into systems, ARE NOT STUPID.  They are extremely clever so take all the precautions with everything that you can.  If you have a hoster of your own ask them more about the security and what you can do.  I found some great resources for my blogs in my Hosts knowledge base.

So I believe if you are new to Blogs, and wish to make an informed decision if my article was not enough refer to the links and be fully informed.  Lacking this then put a search in online.

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