Starts at home

Everyone says, we can all do something to make a difference.

So ask yourself what is in your power to create impact around you?  Here are some thoughts to get your mind racing towards what I mean by this!

Ideas Only:

  • Recycle
  • Start a compost heap
  • On Environmental topics in your town, have a say
  • Do not buy from unethical food makers (those that endorse gmos, part of rainforest degredation and those that are not fair trade etc….
  • Reuse items in home as much as possible.
  • Help with community beach pick ups
  • Help with river clean ups that you know of.
  • Pick up Rubbish around you (Yes you are stopping animals possibly eating sometimes)
  • Help sort recycling for elderly
  • Buy biodegradible products
  • Walk or bike ride instead of car when you can.
  • Make sure your car runs efficiently, inefficient cars can blow smoke and creat pollution.
  • Sign Petitions for global Change
  • Grow vegetables and fruit trees when you can.

You may have more ideas, please share them.  I would love to hear them as a comment or maybe even on facebook.  It is not a keeping score game, you will not get more brownie points, but you will know what your doing.

For me I started simple.  I was running a business that did not recycle, so I source a company that “did” recycle not just a company that picks it up and dumps in landfill.  ( a personal detest moment).  I  am not saying I am a better person for it, but for me it is my part.  I do believe if we went back to glass recycling when everyone was paid to collect and drop off, it was more sustainable.  Do you have an opinion on this?

I leave it there, its a big topic and whatever you decide to do, you will know that it is important and it does make a difference and you will know it.




Social Media Marketing Infographic for Retailers

We hear so much about social media and the prospects it has for business owners but when you are
a brick and mortar retailer, it can sometimes be difficult to see the connection when you’re a purely
offline operation. That couldn’t be further from the truth but it is important to be smart when
dealing with your social media marketing tactics; they should form part of your overall plan but to
rely on them solely for footfall into your physical store would be irresponsible. Social media
marketing for retail has a place and it’s important to use it in order to build brand awareness and
loyalty, to provide a customer service function and just to keep in touch with your customers but
there’s no denying that it is time consuming and will require effort dedicated to making it work.
That’s why it’s vital not to try to conquer all platforms (unless you are a huge multi-location
operation of course); it’s best to start small and build from there putting focus on where your
customers’ demographic generally lie. Facebook is of course the world’s most popular social network
(over 2 billion people use it) so it’s a fairly obvious one to start with but retailers can’t ignore the
importance of optimising their Google My Business listing too in order to assist customers who are
searching for their store location. The guys at Storetraffic have put together this infographic below
which details where you should concentrate your efforts on for your store’s social media marketing
objectives; it highlights some of the things to remember and it includes some advice which will help
to give you guidance. Check the full graphic out below.

Social Media Course

So you are like me.  How do you mean I may hear you say?

You like to learn, that is why your here.  This website is all about learning.  Learning new skills to help your business skills or life skills.

I wanted to find good courses to get anyone started in areas.


Social Media Quick Starter will be your introduction to this area

Now your next move should be, what media types do I want to do?  Do you want to get started on facebook, images, articles, twitter, email marketing.  What do you think is your next move?

After the video look at the bottom and find your next video or informative way to learn your social media space.

Before you get started with Social Media.

First things first, you need a social media presence you see some pretty cool things going on facebook or google and think hey why not my business getting that attention.

Social media is customer engagement 101.  To do great social media ask yourself a few questions!

You need to know your customer.  Before you get started on social media know your market, know what type of person you are going to be serving or helping.  What are their characteristics?

If you are selling a Lexus, you will not use the word affordable.  You will use designer or custom things that define more cost yet choosing words wisely.  This is why it is important to know your customer.

So find out what your market is, identify size of market are this has to be a good way to start.  If your business is operational like mine, then you want to modernise your business.  You want to get your customers behaviours.   I know it may sound simple but look at people in your industry what they are doing “right”.  (not that they will tell you).  Track what your doing, anything you do you want it to work.  So put analytics on your website, track what you do on social networks.

Can I share an experience with you…. I was told by a marketing consultant that I needed to stop doing a particular type of marketing.  I knew he was wrong.  The way I knew it was I tracked every sale that come through my website.  I saw how the traffic come into my website that made a sale.  So I was told it would not make me money.  They were wrong.  I had 4 sales because of this technique.  I also realised some of my return customers liked the updates.  So my social media presence was keeping my business in front of them.  For me, it was a good return.

The moral of the story, track what you do.  Analyse your traffic and look at how your sales are coming to you.  That is what talks in social media.  You then know which ways are not working, you also can see how much it costs to get that sale.  I hope you have a good take away from this post.  Please tell me what you think.

Best way to learn Blogging

My hardest part of blogging is what you are doing now.  Coming to my blog and reading it and me keeping you engaged.  I have always loved the technical aspect and have found time to learn it quite well and define what I need to learn.  You may know already my favourite platform for blogging is WordPress.

WordPress I choose for some really good reasons.

  • There are some really good blogging groups my favourite is Learn to  I have a huge resource list inside, my one I am working on right now is making money with blogging.  Another free group is on google “WordPress” it has questions, resources, hot tips.  I did notice there were some that looked after some members.
  • There is a plugin for every job you can do on websites.  (SEO to grammar, everyone has something)
  • You Tube has alot of self help articles.
  • There are templates that look like websites now.
  • You can create membership sites very affordably
  • The way I blog, it costs you hosting and domain, which is very affordable for a hobby.
  • You can write about anything.

Before you get started|: If you want to try for free, go to or to learn more.  I prefer to  Find a Hosting company first or use hosting I already have, some let you start a blog free.  Buy a domain, think keyword or name or something unique.   They are both free and its easy to use and follow.  The filters on site are excellent.  If for business, get some help with keyword and naming.

Your domain I think is your important step, some domains bring readers just with the name because it is a searched word.

Remember blogging is about social media, so share your experiences and journey, you will find critics, help and find guest posting areas, blogging groups and suggestions, it can be a fun journey.  Blogging is quite a bit of social media


My Social Buzz

Sick of Social media experts?

So are we!  Everyone claims to know this and that.  Social Media is not making a video or creating a social presence on facebook, it is making the best social media presence for your business or status.

Have you seen a celebrity or a brand, NOT on social media?

Of course you have not.  Most of them have social media superstars behind the scenes.

So what is Mysocialbuzz.  It is the buzz in social meida.  It is an idea, a new trick, a new program.  It is everything and anything that is social and is online.  It is learning, showing the best experts and not just the most popular.

Here is what we promise to you!  We will never proclaim to be experts, gurus, hot shots or any of the following.  We will not fancy it up, and we will not say it is, when it is not.  My Social Buzz come out of a course back in 2008, a social media mentoring program.  Creator is Lisa Lomas.

Lisa works in tourism and uses it for her business that uses online and offline marketing.  Yes that is right, not just online!