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I am a video maker.  I like clean lines, simplicity and ready to make it on the go.  I like using my laptop (not a flash one either) and setting to it right away.

Why do I like video?


  • It is easy
  • Great search engine optimisation
  • Professional for business
  • Gets more attention than articles
  • Google loves video

It tells a story and everyone loves a story and an explanation of an area.  At first in 2008 if you made a video for a specific keyword (in your title) your video will get first page ranking gauranteed.  Now not as much however it is definate how if you do it correctly with social media the ranking is strengthened.  You can add it to your instagram, google plus account and also your youtube with facebook.  It all works really nicely together.

Animoto is one tool I use for video.  You can create a video from video and pictures and amalgamate it together.  You can do whatever type you wish as it has templates, you can also use your own integrations, I often do this and find it uploads easily.

I do not consider $8.00 a month a high price to get started.  Actually I would say if you cannot spend that much on a good video then you are not taking this seriously enough.





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Explanation of Linkedin CLICK HERE

In lamens terms, it is a business network that is world wide.

It offers:


Business Pages/Groups

Job Search

CV help

It is considered a good way to scout prospective employees and businesses.

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September 12017

Twitter is a micro blog site you can add 140 characters, add statuses real time.

It is free to join.

You can add apps

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September 12017

A social network.

It offers:

  • Socialising
  • Chat
  • Video
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Pages – Often used for businesses.
  • It is free and worldwide, most countries are using it.
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