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My hardest part of blogging is what you are doing now.  Coming to my blog and reading it and me keeping you engaged.  I have always loved the technical aspect and have found time to learn it quite well and define what I need to learn.  You may know already my favourite platform for blogging is WordPress.

WordPress I choose for some really good reasons.

  • There are some really good blogging groups my favourite is Learn to  I have a huge resource list inside, my one I am working on right now is making money with blogging.  Another free group is on google “WordPress” it has questions, resources, hot tips.  I did notice there were some that looked after some members.
  • There is a plugin for every job you can do on websites.  (SEO to grammar, everyone has something)
  • You Tube has alot of self help articles.
  • There are templates that look like websites now.
  • You can create membership sites very affordably
  • The way I blog, it costs you hosting and domain, which is very affordable for a hobby.
  • You can write about anything.

Before you get started|: If you want to try for free, go to or to learn more.  I prefer to  Find a Hosting company first or use hosting I already have, some let you start a blog free.  Buy a domain, think keyword or name or something unique.   They are both free and its easy to use and follow.  The filters on site are excellent.  If for business, get some help with keyword and naming.

Your domain I think is your important step, some domains bring readers just with the name because it is a searched word.

Remember blogging is about social media, so share your experiences and journey, you will find critics, help and find guest posting areas, blogging groups and suggestions, it can be a fun journey.  Blogging is quite a bit of social media


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  1. Thank you Mayuresh for your positive comments, it is a hobby of mine social media it used to be an income.

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