Before you get started with Social Media.

First things first, you need a social media presence you see some pretty cool things going on facebook or google and think hey why not my business getting that attention.

Social media is customer engagement 101.  To do great social media ask yourself a few questions!

You need to know your customer.  Before you get started on social media know your market, know what type of person you are going to be serving or helping.  What are their characteristics?

If you are selling a Lexus, you will not use the word affordable.  You will use designer or custom things that define more cost yet choosing words wisely.  This is why it is important to know your customer.

So find out what your market is, identify size of market are this has to be a good way to start.  If your business is operational like mine, then you want to modernise your business.  You want to get your customers behaviours.   I know it may sound simple but look at people in your industry what they are doing “right”.  (not that they will tell you).  Track what your doing, anything you do you want it to work.  So put analytics on your website, track what you do on social networks.

Can I share an experience with you…. I was told by a marketing consultant that I needed to stop doing a particular type of marketing.  I knew he was wrong.  The way I knew it was I tracked every sale that come through my website.  I saw how the traffic come into my website that made a sale.  So I was told it would not make me money.  They were wrong.  I had 4 sales because of this technique.  I also realised some of my return customers liked the updates.  So my social media presence was keeping my business in front of them.  For me, it was a good return.

The moral of the story, track what you do.  Analyse your traffic and look at how your sales are coming to you.  That is what talks in social media.  You then know which ways are not working, you also can see how much it costs to get that sale.  I hope you have a good take away from this post.  Please tell me what you think.

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