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Before you get started with Social Media.

By on 27,06,17 in Blogging | 0 comments

First things first, you need a social media presence you see some pretty cool things going on facebook or google and think hey why not my business getting that attention. Social media is customer engagement 101.  To do great social media ask yourself a few questions! You need to know your customer.  Before you get started on social media know your market, know what...

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Best way to learn Blogging

By on 01,05,17 in Blogging | 2 comments

My hardest part of blogging is what you are doing now.  Coming to my blog and reading it and me keeping you engaged.  I have always loved the technical aspect and have found time to learn it quite well and define what I need to learn.  You may know already my favourite platform for blogging is WordPress. WordPress I choose for some really good reasons. There are...

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