Getting started with social media

I am a big believer in you can do your own social media.  I have taught many people and if you are a good learner off video you are going to learn well and quickly.  I have a few resources I use and like, people that have always made sense in the industry that I have come across or used their products.  I am not a country specific picker, I am a picker that gets my favourite tool for the job, you will notice this.


Here are some resources and timely articles to get you started.

10 Steps to Getting Started in Social Media Marketing

How To Get Started In Social Media

Hootsuite are leaders in Social Monitoring, they have a download for

A Guide to Getting Started on Social Networks

Moz gives value also with  Beginners Guide to Social Media

Each have a perspective from their role in our industry, each give value and are authorities.  All else failing you can just do a search online, however these guys will get you started and not lead you astray.  Good steps and get going guides.