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We accept Guest posts that have a review of a product or a social media topic that is trending.  Anyone can post an article if what is produced is correctly written and spelled with basic grammar used.  We do not take any guests posts that are full of backlinking materials or sales pitches, we are wanting real reviews of real products preferrably or a real topic that is important to social media today.  Real life stories are encouraged and so are videos of specific training with a review.  For graphics in images, you must have a image url we can have placed or place once accepted.

We prefer to have someone write authentic, we do not take copies of previous works.  We do not accept work already published somewhere else.

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We do not take responsibility for any errors on user generated content nor on this blog.  We concentrate on topics and trends more than having everything perfect.  We ask you are aware of our terms and privacy policy and that you bring no exe files or any disruptive content to this blog.  All submissions are pending, they are not accepted until information is deemed a real product.

Social Media Marketing Infographic for Retailers

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Social Media Marketing Infographic for Retailers

We hear so much about social media and the prospects it has for business owners but when you are a brick and mortar retailer, it can sometimes be difficult to see the connection when you’re a purely offline operation. That couldn’t be further from the truth but it is important to be smart when dealing with your social media marketing tactics; they should form part of your overall plan but to rely on them solely for footfall into your physical store would be irresponsible. Social media marketing for retail has a place and it’s important to use...

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Social Media Course

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So you are like me.  How do you mean I may hear you say? You like to learn, that is why your here.  This website is all about learning.  Learning new skills to help your business skills or life skills. I wanted to find good courses to get anyone started in areas.   Social Media Quick Starter will be your introduction to this area Now your next move should be, what media types do I want to do?  Do you want to get started on facebook, images, articles, twitter, email marketing.  What do you think is your next move? After the video look at...

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Before you get started with Social Media.

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First things first, you need a social media presence you see some pretty cool things going on facebook or google and think hey why not my business getting that attention. Social media is customer engagement 101.  To do great social media ask yourself a few questions! You need to know your customer.  Before you get started on social media know your market, know what type of person you are going to be serving or helping.  What are their characteristics? If you are selling a Lexus, you will not use the word affordable.  You will use designer or...

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Best way to learn Blogging

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My hardest part of blogging is what you are doing now.  Coming to my blog and reading it and me keeping you engaged.  I have always loved the technical aspect and have found time to learn it quite well and define what I need to learn.  You may know already my favourite platform for blogging is WordPress. WordPress I choose for some really good reasons. There are some really good blogging groups my favourite is Learn to  I have a huge resource list inside, my one I am working on right now is making money with blogging.  Another free...

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My Social Buzz

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Sick of Social media experts? So are we!  Everyone claims to know this and that.  Social Media is not making a video or creating a social presence on facebook, it is making the best social media presence for your business or status. Have you seen a celebrity or a brand, NOT on social media? Of course you have not.  Most of them have social media superstars behind the scenes. So what is Mysocialbuzz.  It is the buzz in social meida.  It is an idea, a new trick, a new program.  It is everything and anything that is social and is online.  It is...

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The Relaunch of this site is going to happen, Just not in the next two weeks.  Please be paitent.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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