Guest Posts

We accept Guest posts that have a review of a product or a social media topic that is trending.  Anyone can post an article if what is produced is correctly written and spelled with basic grammar used.  We do not take any guests posts that are full of backlinking materials or sales pitches, we are wanting real reviews of real products preferrably or a real topic that is important to social media today.  Real life stories are encouraged and so are videos of specific training with a review.  For graphics in images, you must have a image url we can have placed or place once accepted.

We prefer to have someone write authentic, we do not take copies of previous works.  We do not accept work already published somewhere else.



We do not take responsibility for any errors on user generated content nor on this blog.  We concentrate on topics and trends more than having everything perfect.  We ask you are aware of our terms and privacy policy and that you bring no exe files or any disruptive content to this blog.  All submissions are pending, they are not accepted until information is deemed a real product.