Starts at home

Everyone says, we can all do something to make a difference.

So ask yourself what is in your power to create impact around you?  Here are some thoughts to get your mind racing towards what I mean by this!

Ideas Only:

  • Recycle
  • Start a compost heap
  • On Environmental topics in your town, have a say
  • Do not buy from unethical food makers (those that endorse gmos, part of rainforest degredation and those that are not fair trade etc….
  • Reuse items in home as much as possible.
  • Help with community beach pick ups
  • Help with river clean ups that you know of.
  • Pick up Rubbish around you (Yes you are stopping animals possibly eating sometimes)
  • Help sort recycling for elderly
  • Buy biodegradible products
  • Walk or bike ride instead of car when you can.
  • Make sure your car runs efficiently, inefficient cars can blow smoke and creat pollution.
  • Sign Petitions for global Change
  • Grow vegetables and fruit trees when you can.

You may have more ideas, please share them.  I would love to hear them as a comment or maybe even on facebook.  It is not a keeping score game, you will not get more brownie points, but you will know what your doing.

For me I started simple.  I was running a business that did not recycle, so I source a company that “did” recycle not just a company that picks it up and dumps in landfill.  ( a personal detest moment).  I  am not saying I am a better person for it, but for me it is my part.  I do believe if we went back to glass recycling when everyone was paid to collect and drop off, it was more sustainable.  Do you have an opinion on this?

I leave it there, its a big topic and whatever you decide to do, you will know that it is important and it does make a difference and you will know it.